Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'
Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'
Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'
Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'
Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'
Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'

Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'

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IngredientĀ List

'Kitty Chups' contains onlyĀ natural nutrition ingredientsĀ and includesĀ catĀ vitamins:

  • Chicken Protein
  • Oligofructose (Inulin) as dietary fiber
  • Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
  • FishĀ oil (EPA & DHA)
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E
  • Components: Protein 53%, Omega 3 Fatty Acids 5%
  • 1 licking treat contains ~ 30 calĀ 

Vet Recommended

OrganicĀ ingredients have clear clinical evidence of feline health benefits:

  1. Prebiotic Oligofructose and Inulin modulate glucose and amino acid metabolism through propionate production in average weight cats.
  2. Dietary fiber is added to pet food is to increase satiety (a feeling of fullness) which helps with weight loss programs for overweight and obese cats.
  3. The main goal of prebiotic supplements is the gut microbiota improvement as it's well-known that probiotics have good effects on health rising of digestive system.
  4. Catnip is an organic herb, goodĀ stress and tension reducer. Considered safe and nontoxic forĀ all felines.
  5. EPA, one of the two polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oil. It has anti-inflammatory effect. It helps in any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and jointsā€”such as arthritis.
  6. DHA, another Omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil, is important in brain and eyes development in kittens. Giving fish oil to pregnant or nursing pets can benefit the babies once they're born.

Healthiest Cat & Kitten Treat

What defines a great treat?

All cat parents want to find the Best Cat Food Supplement for their meows.

A cat treat has to be delicious, nutritious and last but not leastĀ ā€“ safe!

'Kitty Chups' isĀ developed by a veterinarians to boostĀ cat immune system.

Indulge your cat with a licking, high-fiber treat and see the health difference.

Lickable Cat Treat

Have some fun together with your cat during itsĀ snack time. You can also stickĀ Kitty ChupsĀ to any place around your house. It'll be the most usefulĀ treat your cat has ever had for sure!


4 cm (1.57") x 4 cmĀ (1.57") x 3 cmĀ (1.18")

Pack include:Ā 
3 / 6 / 12 / 24 / 48 pcs. of Cat Treats 'Kitty Chups'

How to Use:

  1. Remove theĀ package Ā 
  2. Peel off the back cover
  3. Stick it to the wall/table/floor etc.
  4. Remove the cap
  5. Watch your cat lick and get happy!

About 10% of CatsĀ don'tĀ know it is a lickable treatĀ and need to get used to it for a while. Please be patient to your cat.

"Here's what some of OurĀ Happy CustomersĀ Kitty Chups"

Delivery was quick! Later I'll add a review on how the cats react

Super products, thank's for this Paw Safety.

My cat was fascinated, it was gone in 2 days!


Does the job she waxed it clean!

My Kitten immediately took it, she absolutely loves it

I ordered two for my cats. I bought one before just to try and nobody seemed interested. Then when I looked later the next day it was GONE! One of my cats loved it. So I got two of these and two of the other "flavour" ones to try. They are spoiled cats.

My Kitty looooves Kitty Chups. I will order even larger packaging in advance so my kitty can receive her treats on time.


If your kitty loves to lick, this is absolutely irresistable. A wonderful little surprise like a treasure hunt of licking awaits. It has a cup to cover but I found it so cute my cat was enjoying himself so much I just let him delight in the experience with no restrictions. Of course I immediately had to order more!šŸ’•šŸ’•

So as I was unwrapping the first cat snack licker thing, my 2 year old cat was already intrigued by the sound of the plastic crinkling. So as soon as I squatted down and stuck it onto the refrigerator door, she immediately started going at it! She loves these little cat lollipop things! I stuck another one to the window because she loves to sit on the window sill and stare out for hours. I went out for dinner and came back 1 to 1.5 hours later, AND BOTH WERE LICKED CLEAN.

My cat was so hyper afterwards which was nice to see because sheā€™s usually a lazy butt. She obviously loved them and I loved them for her. They have a lid so you can cover them up so your cat doesnā€™t eat the whole thing in one sitting. So next time I will have to be home when I let her lick the lollipop lol. I have another 1 year old cat but I have no idea if she helped with the licking or not.

Dude - the cat loves these things. Some kind of kitty-crack inside. When we are out of them Delores lays around in a kitty fat-coma until we get more. Going to go broke.

It was a 3 pack, one for my cat and 2 for mom's 2 cats. Mom's cat attacked it and would NOT move from it. Mine doesn't seem to care, but he's super picky and old. UPDATE: Mom just messaged me that her cats ate the whole thing in an hour and she is buying 3 cases. LOL Oh and I'm the best kid ever!šŸ˜‚

I have not tasted these, so please don't ask me how the taste, but my cats love them. My cats end up doing a type of king of the hill to see who can lick it the longest. When one of them thinks the other has been licking too long, they start play fighting til it is free, then a third cat sneaks in for the licking. The only two downsides, cost and they disappear too fast.

My cat go nuts for this!

Make sure you buy this brand. Iā€™ve bought from other sellers and my cats hate it. This one is more expensive but my cats assure me it is well worth it. They canā€™t get enough of this one. Thank youu ā¤ļø

I have two cats. One went crazy over it and finished it instantly the other took her time but still enjoyed it.


My cat is 13 years old and not amused by ANYTHING. She is loving it. Itā€™s been about 5 minutes. As long as there is no crazy side effects later, I recommend it!



ats love it. We place it high out of reach and wake up the next day with it in the floor and the cover all chewed up. Maybe keep it in a drawer if your cars are more rambunctious. I have gotten other ones before that actually smelled sweet- whereas this one smells like a light turkey broth or something. Regardless they love it and when I stick them to their little house I find them bitten off the next hour or so. So we hold them and let our cat lick for a few minutes and then put away. Good bonding exercise.

Our cats loved these but each treat only lasts about half a day. That's a super expensive treat. Other drawback is it's hard to get off the wall or floor after it's gone. I wish there were more included for the price, then I'd give a higher rating.

The cats love this daughter cat would just go at it until it's all gone in 1 setting


I set this up in my kitchen. Checked it five minutes later and it was GONE. She loved it apparently. I looked all over the place to see if she had chomped it off or something, but no. She had licked it down to nothing in a matter of minutes. Good treat, just didn't last very long!

My cats love these things. They stand in a line waiting to use them. I put up three around the house and they were gone in less than an hour. I will be buying these often. This seller is quick delivery with quality product. Thanks. ā¤ļø